Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Weekly RoundUp, Sponsored by Me

Why did I even go on Facebook that day? And why did I cut into a conversation between Daring Adventure and Cyberbones? Why, I ask you? Why?

They were chatting about the RoundUp, and whether anyone had volunteered to do it recently. I chimed in with a simple, innocent "boy do I love that RoundUp," and the next thing you know, I was rounding up myself. The responsibility is staggering, but I'll try my best.

So here goes.

The big news in the FS-blogosphere is the demise of EF'M's blog. He apparently decided to hang up his hat and work out some personal issues offline. Offline? Is there even such a thing? Here's hoping he is simply suffering through his 10-day-freak-out (that's what we called it in Beijing, because right around day 10 at post, every single spouse snapped and did something crazy - like call up the husband and threaten to fly out on the next plane, with or without kids, but definitely without the husband). Maybe he'll be back when he's recovered? Here's hoping...

Out with the old, in with the new. Amy from Ottawa has a blog you never knew about, and if you're a crafty type, you'll want to stop by. She knits the cutest sweaters ever, when she's not walking the dog, baking cookies or reminiscing about the old days in China.

Let's see, what else happened this week? Well, for starters, Michel at Facts are Strictly Optional is finally back from her accidental TDY to Kuwait, and what's the first thing she decides to do when she returns to the office? Move the furniture, of course. How this woman has managed to not be fired, I have no idea - if her stellar work ethic doesn't get her, then her expletive-laden blog certainly should. But she's the funniest blogger in the whole of the FS, so click on over and read about her Al-Qa-ida sleeper credenza and her run-in with the OSHA enforcers.

Over at FSI, Destination Diplomacy is busy cramming Spanish into her brain. Digger is also studying at FSI - she got to hang with other FSI language students, and did you know she understands Hebrew, German, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, and probably Icelandic, too? Seriously, Finnish? I've met Finns who don't understand Finnish. Pretty impressive, in an "I've been in Amman for almost 2 months and still don't know how to count to ten in Arabic" sort of way. Digger also got to hang out with one-half of Fabling. The other half is currently having a bit of culture shock in Northern Virginia.

Connie is celebrating Peace One Day with her kids in Amman. While she's celebrating peace, Daring Adventure is over in DC, discussing "How to Win a Knife Fight" with Mr. Fitscrap, her kick-ass husband who could apparently shoot you right straight in your center-mass if you tick him off enough.

Brand New Day got stung by a bee in Vienna. Shannon did not get stung by a bee in Malawi. She also didn't get killed by a black mamba snake, a hammerkop, a tadpole, a Power's Rain Frog, a centipede or any of the other strange creatures that inhabit her backyard. Those creatures run scared when they see Shannon's family. Because her boys eat bugs. See what I mean, people? First you start wearing toe socks, and then you graduate to toe shoes. You hold a giant grub, next thing you know you're munching it down. And speaking of bugs, here's a special shout-out to Zoe, for linking to the nastiest article you've ever read.

Denise is getting ready to leave for Dhaka - hopefully with her finally-repaired camera in tow. The Consul's Files is musing about consular services. The Skeptical Bureaucrat is giving us the view from Colombia, where there was recently a raid on a jungle camp, resulting in the death of one FARC leader and one government dog. Somewhere in Afghanistan, Afghan Plan has posted some lovely, if somewhat plagiarized, photos. And if you check out his sidebar, you'll even get to see his favorite MREs, ranked in order of deliciousness. You know, in case you've had your fill of bugs.

I like reading Just Us for a couple of reasons. First, they have 5 kids, which is one more than we have, so when my house gets all loud and crazy, I can console myself with the fact that they are possibly louder and crazier. Second, we're practically neighbors. Next door in Jerusalem, they are having the same issues with their shipments as us: The car is here. You will get it on Tuesday. Oops, the car is not here. But you will still get it on Tuesday. The car is maybe here, but do you still want it? Where is your proof of insurance? Oh, wait, that's not your car. We will deliver your car shortly. Maybe. Hopefully. Inshallah.

Zoe is pondering Facebook Friends and the Foreign Service this week. Now's your chance to friend her: she's up to 666 friends, a number that clearly won't do. Sadie's settling down in Saudi - diving, but not driving. The Criplomats sold their 20-year-old Volvo.

Emily confesses that she usually lets her husband edit her blog posts, just so so doesn't accidentally confess to dreams of fame. Noble Glomads confesses that she sent her husband and son on a hike up an active volcano in the middle of a major storm. Julie didn't have to hike up a mountain to find a storm: she had one right in her house, in Nouakchott. (The first person to find Nouakchott on a map wins the prize! What's the prize, you ask? Congratulations! You get to do the RoundUp next week!)

Still haven't gotten enough of FS blogs for the week? Well, Hannah has put 'em all together into one huge google reader bundle. Stop by her blog to figure out how to subscribe to them all at once. And then stop by Daring Adventure to sign up for your turn to round these FS folks up!


Just US said... [Reply]

Great job! You have such a crafty way with words that I always enjoy reading your blog but you outdid yourself this week with the round-up! Maybe we will get our vehicles when we turn 80 :) At least in-sha-allah :)

Connie said... [Reply]

Wonderful job! You have a really have a natural way with words. Speaking of words: 1 wah-hed, 2 ith-nain, 3 tha-la-tha, 4 ar-ba', 5 kham-sa, 6 sit-ta, 7 seb-a', 8 tha-man-iya, 9 tis-a', 10 ash-a-ra'

Bfiles said... [Reply]

i agree! what a clever and witty roundup!

Emily said... [Reply]

Very well done. I think anyone who does the round-up is awesome!
Good luck with Arabic. I can only imagine it is a tough one to learn.

Camille said... [Reply]

As usual - you are amazing!

A Daring Adventure said... [Reply]


That, my dear, was stellar and wonderful and amazingly well-written and witty and phenomenal all wrapped up in a blog post!!

Gosh, you're so funny and you're SUCH a hilarious writer! You just totally and completely crack me up!

Thank you so much for doing this! You're such a good sport. :) And you did such a great job seamlessly making it all go together. O that I were as talented as you!

The Johnsons said... [Reply]

Nice work. Very well done. (And now I have a bunch of new international blogs to follow as well!)
Cheers & enjoy the fleeting moments of your Jordanian weekend!
Tai Tai Johnson

wereposa said... [Reply]

LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT! Bravo! I know it was a whole lot of work but you made it look effortless; the sign of true talent! I am enjoying your blog as we fell in love with Jordan during a vacation from our post in Oman. PS - after 3 years in the Middle East I still sadly don't know how to count to 10 in Arabic. Also loved your Beijing adventure as we were posted there 3 years before Oman. Keep up the great blogging! You are an inspiration to the rest of us!

hannah said... [Reply]

Good for you for taking this on!

Please. Write your own stuff.