Saturday, January 9, 2016

...on to Bratislava

I've always wanted to see Bratislava, Slovakia. It's just an hour's train ride from Vienna, so we went there on my birthday. (Thanks for the awesome birthday present, z...)

It was cold, grey and sleety, but still so pretty in the Old Town area. The markets in Old Town were lovely, and just different enough from the Viennese markets to be interesting.  There was a lot less English spoken, however, and very little English signage, so it was trickier to out figure things like food and drinks. 

We actually found a vegetarian food stand in the market, with dumplings and soups and bread slathered in pumpkin and bean purees. I think I maybe spent $40 on dumplings alone, they were so good. It was tricky to order gluhwein, because all of the drinks had cute names like "Black Bear," so I had no idea what I was getting. No worries, though - I made it work.

Best hot chocolate ever!

We were excited to find trdelniks like we had last year in Prague.

Again with the cookies.

I'd love to go again some day to explore - when it's a bit warmer.


Amy Young said... [Reply]

How many times do you get to celebrate your birthday? Or is it for all year? ������. Happy Birthday.

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