Thursday, October 15, 2015

STEM on my dining room table

"We dissected owl pellets in school today," K exclaimed as she ran into the dining room.

"Owl pellets? You mean, like, poop?" I asked.

"Naw," she replied. "Pellets. You know. The stuff they can't digest."

As I was about to explain that "stuff they can't digest" is frequently synonymous with "poop," she upended a dixie cup onto my table. My table where I eat.

Just in time for Halloween, I have a dining room table covered in rat bones that only hours ago were encased in owl poop. I mean, pellets.

Anyone want to come over for dinner?


K said... [Reply]

If it makes you feel any better, owl pellets are not poop. They do not pass through the digestive track - instead they 'regurgitate' them :)

Mom24 said... [Reply]

Yup. Not poop. Vomit. Not sure that helps.

Donna said... [Reply]

Owl vomit. Hmmm. Well. I feel... slightly better? Whatever they are, those suckers are going to hurt worse than legos when I step on them in the dark. How long until I can make them "disappear"?

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