Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The calendar page flipped over on the first of September, and the earth tilted ever-so-slightly on its axis, bringing our short summer to an abrupt end.

It is cold here already. Cloudy, drizzly, temperatures in the 50s. Winter is going to knock me over any day now, but I still haven't told you much about our summer.

Summer can be lonely at posts like Moscow, because most the of foreign service and expat families flee post to go "home" for the summer. We opted not to do that, in part because we didn't want to split the family, leaving Bart behind to work, in part because Moscow summers are beautiful, and in part because it's too expensive to travel all that way: rental cars, restaurant meals and hotel rooms add up quickly if you don't stay with family, and if you do stay with family, they generally grow weary of your presence after 10 days or so.

Moscow summers are beautiful, and this past one was no exception. It was a strange sort of summer - it never really got hot, seldom even got warm. But it was sunny, with long, long days - the sun rose at 3 am for awhile there, and didn't set until an hour before midnight.

When it didn't rain on the weekend - which is to say, very occasionally - we went out exploring.  Gorkii Park (fun and fascinating), the Pushkin House Museum on the Arbat (boring!), the Old Red October Chocolate Factory grounds for family photos.  The Tretyakov Museum. The Chekov House Museum. We went to a Fourth of July celebration at Spaso House (the Ambassador's residence), and then in August, we returned to Spaso for a going away party in honor of some dear friends. Then of course we did quick trips to Portugal, Estonia and Finland (scroll back through the blog if you want to see those photos).

All in all, it was a good, if short, summer.

In the garden at the Chekov House Museum. Rainy day.

Making s'mores. Rainy day.

Tretyakov Museum. Because raining.

Not raining! So we did a little family photo shoot with Kelly from gigglepic.

Christ the Savior Cathedral. Not raining. Ferociously hot.

Heading to Spaso House on our 21st anniversary.

Another not-rainy day! So we went to Gorkii Park. And ate cotton candy, of course.

Summer's over. Back to school on a cold and - wait for it - rainy day.


Melica said... [Reply]

Your reasons for not leaving are the reasons I should have stayed!! Glad you made the most of it, and maybe you'll stick around for a few weeks of next summer with us :)

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