Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last Day in Tallinn

We spent one last day strolling around the Old City of Tallinn, Estonia, before it was time to head home to Moscow.

AG told us to make time to visit Schnelli Park, just behind the Old City walls. So glad we did - it was beautiful, and we were the only tourists there.

Bridge over the lake in Schnelli Park.

The walls of the Old City are up there, behind us.

On her way back up to the princess towers.

Back in the Old City again, at one of the scenic overlooks. It's a beautiful city from pretty much any angle.

The girls modeling their souvenir sweaters.

My friend M recommended this particular Indian restaurant, which we never would have found on our own. It was inside a courtyard, well off the main street. Beautiful setting. Fantastic food. I love having FS friends who have been everywhere and can recommend restaurants in pretty much any city in the world.

Last night in town. Random Estonian guy offered to take our family photo.  "Why would you come all the way to Estonia?" he asked, sounding positively perplexed.  But it was so worthwhile. I'd highly recommend you visit, if ever you get the chance.


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