Saturday, September 19, 2015


If you've ever lived in Russia (or Armenia or Turkey or Syria or...), then you've no doubt fallen in love with chechil cheese (Чечил in RussianՉեչիլ in Armenian).  That's it: the white stringy stuff in the photo above.

It's a brined Armenian cheese that is kneaded and pulled into dense strings. You can eat it plain, chop it in salads, melt it into khachapuri (Georgian stuffed cheese bread).

We buy it by the kilo at the open air market here. And then it promptly vanishes from the refrigerator.

You can also buy it smoked, but that's a little too tough and salty for me to consume in large quantities.

(See, MOOCie? I've been trying to scare you off of moving here, but truthfully, there are a lot of things to love about this place. Chechil is just one of them.)

If you happen to live near an Armenian market in the States, go ask if they have this cheese. So good...


Lynne said... [Reply]

Hold on just one shiny moment ... chechil comes in NOT smoked??? You've just opened a whole new world. Almost want to run out right now (9pm) and see if the grocery store has it. Almost.

Elaine said... [Reply]

Great. Now I'm hungry.

Donna said... [Reply]

Yes! Smoked AND not-smoked. The smoked is good, but so salty that you can't eat nearly as much in one sitting, which is, of course, a shame. You must try the not-smoked.

Sergey Yurkin said... [Reply]

You can buy Chechil Cheese at

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