Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This is why I've been away for so long.

Seems like a good reason, right?

But the book is finished at last! At least the kindle version is. Hard copy to come, maybe, possibly, hopefully.

You can download it here.

Please do download it. And then read it and review it on amazon, or otherwise pass the word, if you wouldn't mind.

Thanks to all of my friends who helped me to make this happen.

And now: a nap.


izz said... [Reply]

This is brilliant, Donna. Many thanks and congratulations from this rookie DS spouse.

Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

Congratulations Donna! I look forward to reading it!!

Unknown said... [Reply]

Well done. I've always wondered why there weren't more books about FS life out there. Welcome to the club. I'll hope for a hard copy so I can put it on a shelf and carry it around the world.

Stephanie Sever said... [Reply]

Great book Donna! Congratulations! I really enjoyed your book and as I wrote in my Amazon review, I hope to see a Part Two from you in the future!

Crystal McAdam said... [Reply]

I just read the book while I was out on medevac; it was excellent! Thank you from another new DS spouse!

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