Sunday, June 7, 2015

In which I brag about my kids...

This post is strictly for the grandparents, who like to hear on occasion that their grandkids are still as awesome as ever. The rest of you can skip ahead if you'd like.

June is a busy month. Lots of end-of-school-year craziness.

First up: Aidan's taekwondo belt test. He did great, and is now the proud owner of a yellow belt. He didn't love the class, but he liked it. We'll see if he goes back to it in the fall.

Two days later was the middle school band concert. This school has a terrific band. Actually they have multiple bands: beginner, intermediate, advanced, concert, orchestra. (It was a looooong concert.) Aidan hadn't picked up a clarinet before this year, so he was in the beginner band, but even they were seriously impressive. The music teachers at this school are phenomenal.

...bit of a photo bomb, but still awfully cute...

This weekend was Kyra's first ever swim meet. She joined the team somewhat reluctantly in the middle of the year, simply because her father told her she had to. Twice weekly practices after school exhausted her, but she's good at it and she enjoyed it. (Seriously, she's talented. Kid taught herself to swim, and the first time I enrolled her in a swim class, the instructor took one look at her, pulled her out of the baby pool and marched her over to the advanced class.)
Amazing pool this school has, with touchpad timers and separate areas for diving. Plus a splash pool for little kids who are still learning to swim. The swim program and coaches here are amazing.

She was sick all week before the meet - fever, cough, sore throat - but she rallied and was determined to go, cough or no cough.

Her first event: the 25-meter freestyle. See that small head below, in lane five, at the front? Yeah, that's my Kyra. She got first place.

(There she is, touching the wall and grinning.)

25-meter backstroke. In the far lane this time, you'll spot her little head up near the ladder - first place again.

25-meter butterfly. Lane 3. First place again.

She only got 4th in the 25-meter breaststroke. And by the time the 50-meter freestyle came around, she was out of steam. She placed near the back of the pack on that one, but then again, she was the youngest competitor, racing against teenagers.

She was quite happy with her results. She chattered happily and coughed the whole way home. I drove back to the Embassy, gripping the steering wheel tightly as I thought of the horrors of early morning swim team practices that await me in a few years if she continues down this path. My dear friends STJ and Mrs. Slytherin both have serious swim kids, and I used to laugh at them when they had to get up at 4 in the morning to drive their kids to practices. Not laughing now, am I?

That's it for now. We're all sick today, with sinus infections or ear infections or coughs and sore throats. My big plan for the day is to maybe get out of bed. Maybe. What can I say? I dream big.


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