Monday, June 29, 2015

And she wrote back.

We lost another tooth this week.

And because it is summer, and because we are reading and writing and doing other school-ish things to pass the time, she decided to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy.

Can you read it? Here it is again, up close:

"thank you for the mone [sic] you are the best tooth Fairy
Please write a letter back!"

There was much excitement in the house the next morning when it was discovered that not only did the Tooth Fairy write back, but she wrote back with a pink pencil! And with such beautiful swirly letters!! And with exclamation points shaped like hearts!!!

"Wow," she said. "The tooth fairy really loves punctuation."

That she does.


Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

Very sweet! Brings back memories of the lovely notes the tooth fairy left our kids when they were little complimenting them on their beautiful toothless smiles along with the requisite coins.
Thanks for sharing!!

JWJones said... [Reply]

Yes she does! Lovely.

Please. Write your own stuff.