Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Old Friends

An old friend and colleague came through town not long ago. I hadn’t seen him in about a decade. Back when we first joined the Foreign Service, he was already a capital-S Somebody in the State Department. But for some unknown reason, he and his sparkly, fiery wife took a liking to us, and they took us under their wing at our very first overseas post. In many ways large and small, their mentorship and friendship changed the course of our FS lives.

I’ve blogged about him and his wife before - perhaps I'll link to that story later. The two of them represent the best the Foreign Service has to offer – everybody I know who has worked with them, or for them, or near them, was changed for the better by the experience. It was so nice to get to catch up again, if only for a bit. And it was a good reminder for me that sometimes, this crazy life of ours affords us the opportunity to learn from the most interesting people in the oddest places.


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