Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter preparations

Today the Embassy held their annual "Eggstravaganza." The girls loved it. A was moderately interested for a few minutes. S looked around the craft room and said he thought he'd go home and watch "Breaking Bad" instead.

It appears the Easter magic is on its way out for this family.

But we still have one child who was thrilled to meet the Easter bunny. So there's that.

Crafts are still fun, too.

And really, does face painting ever stop being fun?

A, feigning interest in the cookie decorating table.

Ainsley, absolutely enthralled by the cookie decorating table.

More fun with face paints...

Then it was time to go home, where the whole family decorated eggs.

Except me. I made monkey bread for tomorrow's brunch. Yum.

Back soon with Easter tales.


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