Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Day in Photos

Wow. That was exhausting.

The Easter bunny didn't get everything set up until about midnight.  But the youngest two woke up bright and early, ready to start their morning.

In Amman, we could lock the door to the living room, and the bunny conveniently hid the baskets on the other side of that door, so tired parents could sleep in.  Not so here.

The jelly bean trail was a huge hit - most especially with the cat. I suspect we'll be finding jelly beans under couches and cabinets well into 2016.

The jelly beans in general were a huge hit. (Note you can still see the remnants of Ainsley's face paint from the day before. It's not worth the argument to get her to wash the stuff off before bed.)

The baskets were hidden well. It took awhile for the kids to find them in the dumbwaiter. (Yes, we have a dumbwaiter. No, we don't let the kids ride in it, much to their chagrin.  It was put in the house to move between the family kitchen in the basement and the main dining area upstairs. I thought it seemed a bit silly at first, but have you ever tried to carry a roasting pan full of turkey up a curved staircase with a dog and a cat underfoot? I love that dumbwaiter.)

The boys have had the same baskets since they were babies - a gift from Nana and Pop. I guess they are too old for them now, but I don't care. I love those baskets. And so the boys will have them until they go off to college.

I'm smiling, thanks to the miracle of coffee.

Kyra has been learning to knit. It turns out she had the perfect-sized blankie for the bunny she found in her basket.

Kyra is also my little religious one. As soon as baskets were found and breakfast consumed, she called the man who coordinates the altar servers and asked if she could be one. He said yes, so she changed and rushed out the door to church. She did a pretty good job, too.

"We're a good team," said Bart after dinner was over. He takes care of candles, linens and other fancy decor, while I take care of the meal. So the table looked lovely, and the homemade gnocchi disappeared in minutes.

All in all, it was a lovely Easter day.


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