Tuesday, February 3, 2015

And the Universe Laughs

Let this be a lesson for you:

Never be so foolish as to declare, in a public space such as your blog, your intention to write every day.

For it is a certainty that if you do such a thing, the Universe will laugh in your face, and one of your children will wake up the very next day with a stomach bug.

This is okay, though, because the child is big enough to take care of himself while you go to the gym in the morning. Then you can come home to shower, make some breakfast, and sit down in front of your computer to write.

It will be hard to get in the spirit of writing, however, because his stomach will feel better by now, as stomachs do once the school bus has driven off. He will be bored, and he will keep coming in your office asking for some small thing or another.

You will throw your hands up in frustration and suggest that he take the dog for a walk. This will simultaneously cure his boredom and buy you a few precious minutes.

Until, that is, he returns to the house just moments later, clutching his elbow in pain.  Because yesterday, the day was so warm and sunny that the snow melted. Last night, it froze into a slick sheet of ice covering the lawn. And then snowflakes began falling thickly from the clouds late this morning, covering the ice with an enticing layer of fresh, soft snow.

Yes, this is what will happen when the universe laughs at your fancy plans.

The good news is, our fabulous doctor said that the arm is not necessarily broken, though he can't promise that with 100% certainty. The arm is in a sling; the boy is resting on the couch. Tomorrow, if he still can't bend it, we will venture out to the emergency clinic for an x-ray. For the second time in a week, we will visit this x-ray clinic - but then I haven't even told you x-ray story #1 yet.


Please. Write your own stuff.