Saturday, January 3, 2015

Red Square at Christmas Time

We took the kids to Red Square today, to check out the Christmas market there.

Here's a random church shot for you - everywhere you turn in this place, you run into another church. This one was just outside the metro station. Ainsley approved of the color.

Here's a side street on the way to the Square, filled with market stalls. That's the Kremlin, up ahead:

On the Square itself.

The ice sculptures were melting...

One of many Santas we encountered along the way:

...and another:

...and yet another:

Lots to do here, but all of the kids (not just ours) were climbing the snow hill.

GUM, all decked out for Christmas:

In front of St. Basil's:


Brighid said... [Reply]

I never realized how colorful it was there. Thanks for the great pics.

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