Friday, January 2, 2015

Ice Skating and Other Vacation Adventures

A small ice skating rink was built on the compound a few days back.

Conveniently, we just bought ice skates for our three youngest children, because they are a required part of the school uniform. I'll pause for a minute while you let that sink in.

Ice skating lessons will begin at school if ever this interminably long winter break comes to an end. Meanwhile, the kids were eager to test out their new blades. And so they did, yesterday evening.

Tragically, we had a "warm spell" today, with temps rising to a balmy 35 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the ice skating rink to begin melting. No worries - it was plenty icy on the Arbat, and we each took a turn almost breaking an arm when we slipped on the ice as we walked down there for lunch.

The kids were bummed not to skate again today. Don't feel sorry for them, though. Tuesday's high is expected to be 2 degrees Fahrenheit, so I imagine the rink will be solid again. And Wednesday? On Wednesday we are expecting a high of zero degrees Fahrenheit, with an expected low of -13 degrees. That's a minus sign there, people. Minus thirteen degrees. They can skate all they want, but I won't be leaving the house that day.

Her first time on skates. No fear at all.

Full disclosure: Bart took these pictures. I stayed inside where it's warm. Because, duh.

The Old Arbat, dressed up for Christmas this afternoon. I saw a sign advertising hot mead at one of the market stalls, but I didn't even consider stopping. Wouldn't be as fun drinking at noon without Mr. GlobeHopper...

After a delicious Georgian lunch, Kyra and Aidan both wanted shakes from the Shake Shack. Because why not enjoy an icy drink when it's 35 degrees out?

Good thing they found a heater nearby. Apparently milkshakes are better in theory than in practice.

While they got milkshakes, I opted for something warmer.

Heading home across the icy roads again, we passed our favorite Arbat church.

Here it is again.

Tried to get the kids to pose in front of Pushkin. Pushkin does not look amused at their antics.  I can't remember the exact quote at the base of the statue, but it's something to the effect of, when you're having a craptastical day, don't worry, because happy times will be back soon. Of course, Pushkin wrote it all rhymey-like, and in Russian at that, so it sounds much smarter coming from him.

People. Look at Wednesday. Seriously, when is it going to be summer? I'm ready to start complaining about the infernal heat already.
Hey. Speaking of school uniforms, here's a gratuitous shot of Ainsley at her school Christmas concert a few weeks back. Isn't she the cutest thing ever? 


Sherwood family said... [Reply]

Thank you, again, for keeping me from ever moving to Moscow. Maybe you could just take up hibernating? You've got a cook now, so everyone could just eat scrambled eggs while you're out for the winter.

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