Saturday, December 6, 2014

The month (give or take a few weeks) in review

So, if we're FB friends, then you already saw this picture weeks ago. But my sweet husband keeps asking why I don't post a photo of us at the Ball, for posterity's sake.

Truthfully? It's because I wore the same dress and posted practically identical photos two years ago. Don't judge - I have 4 kids to put through college, so I don't exactly have a spare ball gown fund spilling out of my purse.

But here you go:

All together now: awwwww...

Another night in November, we braved below-freezing temps and took the kids to the Puppet Theater to see The Night Before Christmas. It was in Russian, sure, but we figured the story would be familiar, so the kids would be able to follow along. Boy, were we ever wrong. It turns out the Russian version is nothing like the American one - something about a witch who stole the moon? and some guys hidden in sacks? and a man falls in love but the woman doesn't love him back? I don't know. I speak Russian, but it turns out I don't speak Puppet. We left during the intermission. But we did get this great photo in front of the theater, and once we got back home I regained the feeling in my frozen toes, so it was all worthwhile.

Rich people and their cars. This one was ugly enough that we had to stop for a photo. Note to rich people everywhere: Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Exhibit A:

Thanksgiving: it really did happen. But the next 3 photos are the only proof I have...

Today we took the kids to see the Nutcracker at the Kremlin Palace Theater.  Here you see Ainsley during intermission, peering into the orchestra pit.

We couldn't take pictures during the ballet, but I snapped these ones at the end - which I think we all agreed came about 20 minutes too late. Kyra loved it until then, when she fell sound asleep. Ainsley loved it, too, but inexplicably had a meltdown because I had the audacity to ask her to smile for a photo.

A detail from the inside of the theater, which was originally built back in the 1960s to host Communist Party congressional meetings.

Kyra woke up afterwards and said she loved the show.

The view when we left the theater. I should note that it was only about 4:30 in the afternoon when this photo was taken. The days are getting way too short for my liking.

Back soon with a holiday update!


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