Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from Moscow!

It's snowing rather a lot here, but I'm warm inside, surrounded by bits of wrapping paper and too-many-gifts. Aidan is outside trying out his new snowboard, having helped his dad shovel the walk already. Seamus is upstairs setting up his new green screen, which, I have no idea why he wanted one? But apparently he is happy about it.

Breakfast sour cream apricot braid was a hit. Chocolate mousse is chilling in the fridge for tonight's dessert. Dinner has yet to be made, but I'm taking a break to upload some pictures of the festivities for our faraway loved ones.

Merry Christmas to friends and family all across the globe. I'm blessed to have each one of you in my life, even if many of you are too far away today.

At yesterday's Breakfast with Santa.

New Christmas dresses from Nana G!

Aidan's big present - a monitor for his computer. Hopefully he can set it up himself!

She asked Santa for "pink boxing gloves." This does not bode well for the rest of us.

The gloves do go nicely with the new princess dress, though.

The kids all got new hats from Nana S.

And Kyra got her own knitting supplies.

I can't knit. But my mom can!

More earrings to fight over.

Remember last Christmas? I was still taller back then.
Well, at least I'm taller than one of them still.

When asked what he's grateful for this year, Seamus said he's happy that "dad is home with us this year."

Gee, do you think she's excited much?


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