Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kremlin! (And Camera!!!)

Guess what, you guys?

There's this neighbor here whom I've never even met.

Well, I'd never met him, anyway, when he rang my doorbell last Sunday morning and handed me a shiny new camera. Turns out he had to make a quick fly-out-on-Thursday-fly-back-on-Friday trip home, and he offered to bring a camera back for us.

Seriously. Somebody I didn't even know told us to ship a camera to his U.S. address so he could hand carry it back to us. How cool is that? I love how people look out for each other overseas, I really do.

He even offered to carry back a ghost costume for Kyra, but by then I was practically finished stitching together her I-flunked-home-ec mystery costume, and I really didn't want to deprive the world of this one of a kind ghost. Story for another day.

Yesterday we broke out the new camera and dragged the kids to the Kremlin, despite the cold and intermittent rain. And do you know? It actually turned out to be fun. The kids behaved, and we got to check out some cool old churches together.

The Kremlin is (partially) open to the public. The President lives there, but it is also home to a museum (the State Armoury; we'll hit that next time), a performance hall (ballet, opera; we'll hit that soon, too), and a whole lot of czar bones in churches (yesterday's destination).

It was cold, but it was mid-30s cold, which seems almost comfortable compared to the 15 degrees of a week ago. Amazing how your perspective can change over time.

Kids at the entrance to the Kremlin. boys.

I'm not sure how one would even hoist those cannonballs into that cannon.
Perhaps that's why it was never used?

Weapons and worship, all in one photo.

Me n' my girls in various stages of enthusiasm.

Church bells.

This one broke before it was ever rung.

Behind the big broken bell.

Just your basic, ordinary door frame.

Awww. So cute. And so cold!

View of Christ the Saviour from the Kremlin wall. We haven't been there yet - so much to do here...

If it seems like I posted a zillion pictures of churches here, well, that's because there are about a zillion churches here. You can stand in the middle of the plaza and do a slow turn to take them all in. The flashes of history are crazy amazing - czars and noblemen and presidents all living and dying on this one small patch of earth, each making new history during his (or her!) short lifetime. They don't let you photograph the interior of the churches, but they are beautiful, with walls of icons, gold crosses, muraled walls and ceilings. In one church there are lines of coffins against every wall, stuffed full of czars and other important folk, some dating as far back as the 1300s. Can you even fathom that?


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