Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Big plans, people!

That's what I had for this Thanksgiving wrap up post. Big plans.

I put my eldest son in charge of the photography, because I was in charge in the kitchen. Kitchens, technically, as we have two of them. The basement one is for family, and the smaller main level one is for entertaining purposes, as we're expected to do a fair amount of entertaining.

I had both kitchens running full tilt, because we were expecting 35 guests. That's a lot of stuffing.

I figured my son could document it all for my blog. I wanted pictures of the flower arrangements (which were made by an extremely talented EFM here at post), of the food (which was also made by an extremely talented EFM here at post, if I do say so myself), and, most of all, I wanted pictures of the people. The guests, sure, but for the purposes of this here blog post I wanted pictures of all of my not-so-little ones, and I wanted pictures of myself and my husband.

I gave my son all of these photographic instructions before the party, and then again several times during the event itself.


I have exactly one picture of the kitchen counter, covered with casserole dishes. No kids. No parents. No guests. No flowers. No nothing.

So you'll just have to picture it all in your mind.

Next year I guess I'll have to be the official chef AND the official photographer.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We had a nice time, despite the fact that our loved ones are all so very far away. I hope you did, too.


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