Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Walks

This past weekend, Bart convinced me to leave my warm house and venture out into the winter wasteland that is Moscow in early October. Seriously - the high was in the mid-40s, and I was FREEZING. How I will survive the coming winter after four long years in the middle east, I have no idea.

How did he convince me to go out, you ask? It wasn't too hard:

Hey, Heather D - you could bid on Moscow!

The Starbucks is about a 25-minute walk from the Embassy (and why, exactly, haven't they built one closer???). We brought Ainsley, who brought her scooter, and the dog, who brought an overwhelming urge to stop and smell every single bump in the ground.

On the way back, we stopped to check out this little playground. You'll find playgrounds like this scattered throughout the apartment blocks across town, though on this particular day an icy rain was falling, so Ainsley was the only kid on the monkey bars.

We happened past this museum, which we've never been in. I guess we'll have to drag all of the kids there some day, maybe bribe them with Starbucks, too. Those are clown-on-unicycle statues up there.

Here's the museum again, this time in the middle distance. I have no idea what the short green and white building in the foreground is, and by this point I was too cold to want to walk across the street to ask. That red building in the back is a Georgian church.

Attached to the church was a little Georgian cafe. Downstairs there was a small seating area; on the main floor a surly waitress served food to go: Georgian lobio (spiced mashed beans with walnuts), pkhali (a sort of hummus-like puree of walnuts, garlic and vegetables) and other little dishes; here you see, from left to right, spinach, bean and beet pkhali). I bought lots. So good.

When we lived in Beijing, I wrote a few things for one of the big guidebook companies. So I know that you're supposed to tell people what they're looking at and why it matters. But, really, all I can say for now is: cool statue. Very tall. And did I mention I ran out of coffee a few blocks back? Let's go home already...

That was our Sunday.


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