Saturday, October 4, 2014

Random Moscow Things

I've been ever-so-busy with a mishmash of things that, while interesting, don't seem to lend themselves easily to a post with a beginning, middle and end. 

But I can give it to you piecemeal! My phone seems to know what I've been up to all week, judging from the pictures I found there today.

We're pretty much unpacked, if you don't count that last pesky box that never seems to get put away. The pictures are hung, the beds are made, the toiletries are strewn across bathroom counters. 

The formal dining room looks nice though, doesn't it? (Probably because we don't eat there...)

We went to Izmailovo today to start our holiday shopping. This is the Disney-esque entrance to the place, a huge outdoor souvenir market. We only lasted about 2 hours before the boys pronounced themselves "freezing cold." Perhaps if they'd listened to us and worn their winter coats instead of their sweatshirt-over-t-shirt combinations?

The metro stations here are often museum pieces. Fancy lighting, mosaics, statues.... and no two stations alike. (Oh and they run constantly. You never have to wait more than a couple of minutes for a train. Another bonus: the men almost always get up for the women and children to sit, and the younger women always give up seats to their elders. Virginia residents take note: You will never see a pregnant lady standing in a Moscow subway, whereas I remember countless times when I, a giant lumbering pregnant lady, stood the whole way from Vienna to central DC without once being offered a seat.) Here's a typical statue in a typical station:

And a painted ceiling in another:

Here's another photo from last week's trip to Novodevichy. It's pretty common to see artists set up shop outside of historical sites in order to paint.

This is a favorite. Here's the view from one of our bedroom windows last night. That's the Russian White House right there.

I went on an adventure with a new friend last week. We happened past this cool building, where all of the weddings and deaths in town are registered. I actually had a better photo, but somehow the "email" button is right next to the "delete" icon in my phone's photo app. Sigh....

I saw this little old couple in the Metro today. They were shuffling along together, holding hands the entire time. So cute. Hope I'm still holding hands at that age...

Fall is here. Walk out my front door. Look up. Snap picture. Here it is:

And that's it for now. Happy fall everyone.


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