Friday, September 19, 2014


A warm(ish) sunny day in Moscow today - here's the view from my street:

 That right there is one of several buildings collectively known as "Stalin's teeth." He had a few of them built around town, back in the day. This one looks right down into my front yard. My phone camera doesn't do it justice - the sun was glinting off the metal top, and the sky was so very blue. It's hard to stay down when the sky looks like that.

It's amazing what a sunny day and a healthy set of lungs will do for your outlook. I'm feeling much more cheerful today, now that I'm crawling out from under my illness and all four kids are (for the moment) healthy.

It also doesn't hurt that the amazing Mrs. P sent these in the mail today:

 (You might remember Mrs. P from this blog post. Everyone needs a Mrs. P in their lives, don't you think?)

So, what did I do with my first healthy day? Why, it was school conference day for the elementary kids, so once again I braved both bus and metro to get the girls to the school - kids are required to participate in the conferences here.

While Ainsley had her conference, Kyra sat in the hallway in her formal school uniform, knitting away on her "secret" project. (She won't tell anyone what it is, only that it is going to be a Christmas present for somebody.) When I came out of the conference, a Russian mom was oohing and ahhing over her knitting skills, and I had to confess that she didn't learn from me - it's all her Nana's doing. A few other women also stopped her to compliment her work - she was absolutely glowing with pride.

Ainsley was excited to show off her part of the display board outside of her classroom. Heck, near as I could tell, Ainsley was excited about every single thing today. I don't even know how many teachers she hugged. Even if she forgot their names, they still got hugs. ("Technology Teacher! Hey! Technology Teacher!" she shouted down the hallway as she chased some random guy down....).

My takeaway from the teacher conferences? My daughters are both brilliant, of course. Prodigies, amazing in every way, just like their mama. Seriously, though, the school is great - every teacher I met impressed me today, and they know my kids well already - always a nice thing. Also? Ainsley is madly in love with her PE teacher. Madly.

And now? It's 5:30 pm already, and although I've been waiting ever so patiently, dinner has not magically appeared in my kitchen. I guess it's up to me.

Happy Friday everyone, wherever you are!


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