Sunday, September 14, 2014


And did I mention my husband left me?

That's right. We arrived in Moscow in mid-August. We moved houses twice before we landed in our "real" house. We accepted our air freight. We accepted our sea freight.

And then, after a few days of unpacking, my husband fled the country.

(To be fair, he did an awful lot of the unpacking himself before he left. But still.)

Then my son got sick, and I got to figure out how to get to his school (and back again) via metro and bus. Then my daughter got sick, but thankfully she was at home when it started; no bus trip for me.

Then the cat and dog arrived from Jordan. Such Foreign Service pets they are - the shipping agent informed me that they would be "overnighting in Dubai." I've never overnighted in Dubai. Perhaps that's why it cost over 5K to get them here?

The note on Yogi's crate. Not sure who wrote it, or why, but in my mind there's a great backstory...

Then Aidan had his birthday sleepover, with 3 new friends. I made a triple batch of pizza dough, a double chocolate layer cake and a double batch of pancakes for breakfast. Oh, and I had to make the syrup, too, because I didn't want to go in search of the bottled stuff (at Moscow prices, no less).

I got sick, too, a few days ago. I'm lying here on the couch, stuffy-nosed and sore-throated, listening to the rain on the windows, dreading the moment when I have to drag myself out to take the dog for another walk. I'm also wondering why I never learned to light a fire in a fireplace myself. 50 degrees and raining: it's fireplace weather today, for sure.

At least, once Bart gets back here, I'll have a really good excuse for why I didn't finish unpacking all of the boxes. And hopefully he'll bring me some "sorry you had to walk the dog all by yourself caramels" when he comes back. (Hint. Hint.)


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