Thursday, September 4, 2014

100 Weekends

Really, when you think about it, that's all you get in a 2-year assignment. And of course, some of those weekends will be taken up by school events, or weather events, or summer vacation. So it isn't a ton of weekends to see a place as big as Moscow. Especially when we both have so many favorites from days of yore that we want to show the kids. So we're going to try to get out and see something every weekend that we can.

Last weekend we metro'ed to Kievskii Vokzal and bought tickets for the Moscow River boat cruise. I had to threaten to throw Ainsley overboard to the crocodiles, but that tiny lie was enough to buy her cooperation. And, truth be told, it ended up being fun - even the weather cooperated. We got to see a ton of major sites (Gorkii Park, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, St. Basil's, Red Oktober Chocolate Factory...) without a ton of walking. Win-win!

Settling in, slowly-slowly.

Our HHE and missing UAB all showed up over two long days this week, and we've been digging ourselves out from under the pile ever since. This is the time when I am truly in awe of my husband.  I don't know how he does it, really I don't, but he moves boxes and knick knacks and bookshelves around until a home starts to emerge from the wreckage. A real home. Me, I just frantically move things from room to room but never actually accomplish anything. Frustrated with my total lack of progress, I walk into whatever room he's been holed up in and find it transformed.

Usually this is the point when I throw my hands up in surrender and retreat to my kitchen to bake with my newly-discovered kitchen things. Teamwork.

I'll spare you the pictures of the looks-like-a-crime-scene house. Below are a few photos of last weekend's adventure.


Andrea Paris said... [Reply]

I just discovered your blog and was reading your archives (from the beginning) yesterday. My how your kids have grown! Thank you for the laughs and the peek into your life. Love your blog.

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Amazing sky in those shots - a lovely day indeed to be out.

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