Monday, August 11, 2014

Today's the day!

My Facebook feed this month has been full of updates from people who are heading to points all across the globe. One friend just landed in Suriname. Another is en route to Bangladesh. One just left Austria; another Estonia. Still another friend left Tokyo, while another is on her way back to Tokyo after R&R.

Today it's our turn. We are boarding a plane to Russia in a few short hours.

The kids veer between excited and evil. As do the adults, if I'm being perfectly honest. About every 10 minutes, Ainsley cheerfully announces "I hope the Russians don't shoot our plane down!" I guess we shouldn't have left the television tuned to CNN so much this past month.

We've done it all: beaches and relatives and boat rides and pony rides and new foods and old favorites and on and on and on. It's been a terrific - if ferociously expensive! - home leave.

Moscow was our first foreign service posting ever, way back in the last century. So it's a homecoming of sorts for us. Back then, I remember my friend Paula told me that with each consecutive move, it gets harder, not easier. I didn't really understand why at the time, but I get it now. Every move is more complicated than the last, with more moving parts, more kids to keep track of, and more baggage - both physical and emotional.

I'm going to miss so many people. It's hard to leave your loved ones behind, not knowing when you'll see them next. But it's time.

Back soon, I hope, with tales of adventure from Moscow.


Betsy said... [Reply]

Safe travels and much joy on your new adventure. :)

Scott Ficklin said... [Reply]

I wanted to say thanks for sharing your time in the foreign service on your blog. I've been following a few blogs since I took the fsot in February. I just passed the OA and I'm hoping to get an offer once my security clearance is done. You're a really good writer, and you've made me feel a lot more comfortable about my family life in the FS.

Donna said... [Reply]

Thanks Scott! Congrats on passing - that isn't easy. Fingers crossed they clear you soon and put you high on the list.

Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

Wishing you a smooth transition and much happiness in your post. Thinking of you and yours in Sleepy Hollow!

MaryjoO said... [Reply]

oh, the time you will have! And just think, you actually will know most of the place LOL But good wishes on going to a busy busy city with all its complications -- dare I ask where you'll be living? hugs!

Paul Gormley said... [Reply]

Donna: I'd like to echo what Scott said. I, too, just passed the OA last week. One of the biggest question marks for me has been the effect the lifestyle will have on my wife and 4 kids, and your blog has been very helpful on that front. So thanks for doing this. And good luck in Moscow. Paul

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