Friday, August 1, 2014

Seattle Recap

I know, I know. It's been awhile. I'm too busy eating everything in sight to blog a word. It's like how bears have to gorge themselves before they hibernate - you have to eat a lot of burritos to cover a two-year Chipotle-free tour of duty overseas.

We've had all sorts of fun hanging out with relatives in Seattle. Our entire horde descended upon my sister's house after midnight one night - and she actually let us in! (Apparently I'm the smart sister and she's the crazy sister.) But we've mostly gotten along great. Her daughter is probably just the teensiest bit annoyed that my youngest keeps stealing her clothes, but she's been remarkably gracious about it. And when I broke my sister's washing machine and flooded her house, well, she was remarkably gracious, too.

We've been shopping and barbecuing, telling inappropriate jokes and recreating like mad, stopping at every Starbucks from Seattle to Snoqualmie along the way. My sis and her daughter, my brother and his family, my parents, my aunt and us. It's like moving an army any time we leave the house.

I will miss them when it's time to leave, which it will be, any minute now.

Moscow still awaits, whether or not we're ready!

Cousins. And yes, Ainsley is still a fashion superstar.

At the Seattle Space Needle, where the kids spent more time checking out the new and awesome virtual displays than they spent actually admiring the view. If you haven't been there in awhile, you need to go, if only to put your name on the new digital visitor wall. It's super cool, as is the new Needle app.

Cousins at the Mariners game.

I don't know if Ainsley liked the actual game, but she was definitely a fan of both sno-cones and the Wave.

Riding ponies at Remlinger Farms.

Ainsley loved riding the roller coaster with Daddy.

With Auntie Deb, her new favorite person in the world.

Fancy brunch at my bro's new place in Snoqualmie.

All the grandkids....

We celebrated our 20th anniversary (I know, I can't believe it, either) by abandoning the kids and going to Salish Lodge for the night. That's the lodge up there to the left of the waterfall. It was awesome. For those of you Trailing House folks who helped me crowdsource the location, thanks for keeping it a secret! 

The view when you hike down from the hotel to the lower park. Beautiful, albeit slightly ankle-breaky.

"Selfie with Waterfall."
(P.S. Can we all agree that "selfie" is the dumbest word in the English language? I feel ridiculous even typing it.)

Hanging at a friend's house during low tide on Vashon Island.

Me n' the kids on the ferry to Vashon.

Plus grandparents.

Seriously, how can I move here? I'd even promise not to break the washing machine too often.


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It has everything from cry for happy at your arrival to cry for sad at your leaving.

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