Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yes. I should be packing. What's it to you?

It's Sunday morning and the movers will be here in 48 hours.

But I'm not worried.

Kyra is home from school, sick with a stomach ache. Me, I got bitten by something in the night, just on the edge of my eye, so I woke up with a lump on my cheek and one eye swollen shut.

My to-do list is 6 miles long, my trash can is overflowing with expired spices, my sink is full of thawing mystery tupperware and I'm out of cat food. I do have about 200 pounds of dog food still in the house, though, so there's that.

I have no idea if the kennel lady is showing up or not tomorrow to pick up the dog and the cat so they aren't underfoot when the packing starts. I am waiting to hear back from the insurance company, which has to change our coverage status before the movers can walk in the door. I have a pile of to-be-shredded on the counter, precariously close to the pile of to-be-hand-carried-to-post. Don't wanna mix those piles up!

I have lists for the kids of what needs to be packed into their suitcases and locked in the bathroom so it doesn't get shipped. And they've all turned over their allowance money so I can convert it from JD into dollars at the bank. I also need to go back to the travel office. I visited them every day last week but I still can't convince them that, as travel office employees, they should be able to get us seats together on the plane with relative ease.

I don't have any passports. It seems that the Russian Embassy in DC stamped them with visas and returned them to the State Department a few weeks ago. The State Department handed them to FedEx. FedEx assigned them a tracking number and shipped them. Shipped them somewhere. But not to Amman. Last we heard, they were spotted in Korea, maybe, possibly. And then someone there, recognizing the error but not knowing what to do about it, might have put them in the regular (read: slow) mail back to DC. Or maybe not. Information on their whereabouts is sketchy, but then again, as a friend pointed out, there is no chance they will accidentally get packed into the HHE this way! Silver lining.

I think pack out season is going great so far. 


Popster said... [Reply]

I'm sure looking forward to seeing you here in CONUS.

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Fingers crossed that all bits end up exactly where they belong!

Allison S. Bybee said... [Reply]

Thank you for posting this note. I'm in Juarez at just about the same stage it seems you are, but with only 8 hrs and 4 minutes to the packers come. While we are all in different boats (family size, country situation, next post, etc), it definitely helps to hear that other FS families are experiencing the pack out madness at basically the same time. Sending you and your family calming thoughts and your packers steady hands. All the best from Mexico!

Kristi Lonheim said... [Reply]

I needed this! Thanks for reminding me how easy the end of the year is without a pack out. Hang in there. Remember that you will all end up on a plane at some point. My goal is usually to have us still speaking to one another.

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