Sunday, June 15, 2014

She's Eight!

I hate children's birthday parties. The whole theme/gift bag/pinata thing terrifies me. I was overjoyed when Seamus hit the fourth grade and decided he'd settle for a pile of cold, hard cash instead of hosting a birthday party. Every year at birthday time I look for excuses to not have a party.

This year, for Kyra's 8th birthday, I hit the birthday party jackpot. I didn't have to lift a finger, and yet this will go down in history as the Best Birthday Party Ever!!!

You see, she shares a birthday with my friend CL. And my other friend Mrs. GlobeHopper had a visiting relative that day. And then, a bunch of us are packed out and ready to move on. 

So we decided to go down to the Dead Sea for one last get together in honor of all of these things. 

And that is how Kyra ended up with 50 of our combined best friends singing happy birthday to her after a fancy dinner at a resort on the Dead Sea in Jordan. I didn't even have to bake a cake (thanks Mrs. G!).

I hate birthday parties. But I love watching my babies grow up. Kyra is such a smart, shiny, articulate little girl. 

And I love her.

Happiest baby ever!
Winter in Virginia
On the Great Wall of China
On the playground at the Int'l School of Beijing
Pre-school, Amman, Jordan
Petra, Jordan
Germany, 2011
...with Daddy in Germany.
Tel Aviv, 2014
...with the love of her life, Qais, a few weeks ago.


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