Monday, June 23, 2014

Scenes from a pack out.

Sunday morning. Ainsley stumbles into kitchen wearing jammies.

Ainsley: What day is it?

Me: It's Sunday.

Ainsley, sad voice: Oh. Brooke's gone.

Sunday afternoon.

Kyra: What day are we leaving again?

Me: I have no idea. We still don't have tickets.

Kyra: But tomorrow?

Me: No. This week some time, though.

Monday morning.

Aidan: Did Carter's plane take off already?

Me: Yes, at 4am.

Aidan: (sad silence)

Monday afternoon.

Ainsley, to herself, while opening cupboards: No, not there. No, not there, either. No, not there. No, not there. Nope!

Me: What's wrong?

Ainsley, angry voice: I'm trying to color a picture for daddy. But you packed all of the crayons except for one yellow one.


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