Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Jordan Favorites

Listen up, people who are moving to Amman this year.

I am so jealous. You have NO IDEA how many fun things there are to do here, or how much good food there is, or how many ways you can occupy a few free hours.

So I'm going to tell you.

Here it is: My Best of Jordan List...

Best easy vacation - Dead Sea Marriott. 45 minutes away. Just don't go during fly season.

Best farther away vacation - camping in Wadi Rum. Any camp will do. Just bring flashlights, snacks, a bottle of wine and lots of good friends.

Best facial - Mimi at Kinda in Abdoun. Women only. 593.2876.

Best falafel sandwiches - Abu Jbara off the 6-and-a-halfth circle, near the Holiday Inn, or Kalha on the Abdoun Circle. For straight up falafel, you need to make the trip downtown to Hashems.

Best food delivery -

Best fruit/vegetable delivery -

Best exercise class - Barre by Carrie at One2One in Dabouq.

Best massage - Olga at Kinda in Abdoun (women only - she also does laser hair removal). 593.2876.

Best salad - Books@Cafe in Abdoun - try the spinach and strawberry salad. (Bonus points - Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is right across the street!)

Best hair cut for women and girls - Nemer at Dikimio, near the Blue Fig in Abdoun.

Best hair cut for boys - Amin at Toni & Guy in Abdoun. 592.2999.

Best ice cream - Girards. Any location. Mint chocolate chip. Seriously. Don't even try it once, or you will be 15 pounds heavier when your tour is up.

Best vet/groomer - Vet Zone off the 8th circle. 582.3244.

Best Mexican food - My house, obviously. Second place? Fatty Dab's in Abdoun. Only on Tuesdays, though.

Best grocery store - Zait and Za'atar in Sweifiyeh. Near Starbuck and the...

Best (but not cheapest) butcher - Meat Master in Sweifiyeh.

Best photo op - Petra, probably, in front of the Treasury. Or maybe Um Qais, with the Sea of Galilee in the background.

Best school supplies - Istiklal in Sweifiyeh.

Best pediatric dentist. Dr. Sahar Jumean, north of the 7th circle. This lady rocks. You and your kids will both adore her. 585.3525.

Best orthodontist - Lema's mom, otherwise known as Dr. Zaha.  Across from Arab Medical Center. 592.0011.

Best romantic dinner date - Tanoureen. Unless you're planning to spring for a night at the Dead Sea. You can't go wrong with that on the romantical-scale either.

Best movie theatre - Taj Mall. Spring for the Taj Class seats, and get the caramel corn. Or get half sweet/half salty.

Best view - Wild Jordan off of Rainbow Street. You can see the Citadel from there, and you don't even have to battle downtown traffic.

Best jeweler - Ansara Jewelers on Al-Hamra Street in Swefiyeh. Honest, nice, and can make anything.

Best Emergency Room for when your kid shoves a soy bean up her nose on the first day you get your new car and you have no idea how to get anywhere yet - Arab Medical Center.

Best friends - Find your own. Mine are taken.

Anyone else in Amman have places to add?


Lydia said... [Reply]

Well, a friend of mine just got back from a "Ladies Trip" to Moscow. (I couldn't go, imminent pack out and all) she loved it and would def do a repeat trip. Can't wait to try all of these bests of Amman! Thank you!

Connie said... [Reply]

It's been a couple years now, so correct me if I'm wrong, but my favorite veggie roadside stand was the one on Zahran between 7th and 6th circles, after the pedestrian bridge. The left hand shop. I'd go early in the morning as the trucks arrived to deliver. I am not sure how the prices compared, but they were always nice and made sure I got very good veg and fruit. I miss it!

Kate said... [Reply]

Oh Meat Master... Expensive but so so good... I always wish we had one in Jerusalem...

PrineSwine said... [Reply]

Thank you kindly, we are among those moving in and these will get put to the test!

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