Sunday, May 4, 2014

What We've Been Up To...

Well, he made it to Amman at last. Ainsley was bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Kyra, on the hand, was feeling a bit shy and nervous as we waited. She forgot all of that once she spotted her dad in the terminal, though.

That afternoon, Bart celebrated being home by going to the dentist for an exam and a filling. When she saw us there, the orthodontist said she'd fit Kyra in at the same time so we wouldn't have to go back later in the week.

And that is how our day got even more exciting - Kyra got her braces off! 

The next day was a baseball day. You know - the same thing we do every single day around here. Yaaawn. But Bart, being new to the season, was excited to go to the games. All 18 hours worth. What can I say? Apparently he misses domestic life.

He even brought Yogi. Yogi nearly passed out from excitement and heat stroke. But he had fun cheering on the teams and chasing the other dog spectators. 

Catch with dad on the sidelines of his big brother's game.

All in all, it was an ordinary, boring, almost-summer weekend day.

It was nice.


Popster said... [Reply]

Summer like days with family are priceless. If I were Bart I'd be in seventh heaven. If I were in your shoes I'd probably take a nap and leave Bart in charge. Decisions, decisions, decisions......

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