Monday, May 5, 2014

Quiet Days at Home


Because I know you're wondering what I'm doing to fill my days now that Bart is here and I've quit my job.

I finally have some wide-open days strung out, one after another, with no work-outside-the-home, with nothing to do except the usual gym-going-grocery-shopping-dinner-making trifecta.

I can sit at home if I want, quietly drinking coffee, reading, napping, writing...

So what did the landlord decide to do this week?

He hired a team of workers to clean the entire outside of the building. 

By sandblasting it. 

They've been outside for the last 24 hours and they aren't even halfway finished. Sand everywhere, despite the fact that the windows and shutters are sealed shut. We're sitting here in the dark listening to the oh-so-relaxing sounds of machinery and shouting and dog-barking.

It could be worse, though. I could be this guy:

That's a rope ladder he's dangling from up there, four stories up. I'm hoping it's tied to something secure, and it isn't just being held by some guy sitting up on the roof. He doesn't appear to be tied onto the rope. He's just sorta standing up there.

The whole team has scarves tied around their faces to keep out the dust. No ear protection whatsoever. Meh. Hearing is highly overrated.

Well, we have been somewhat busy purging for the upcoming pack out. Bart found an old Russian hat stashed up in the closet somewhere. Here Ainsley is, modeling. I think she's ready for Russia, don't you?

And now, in honor of our soon-to-be home, we're going to download another episode of the Americans and get in some quality tv time before the kids get home from school.


Cindy said... [Reply]

Woo-hoo! So happy to see this. We've just received word that we are assigned to be the next lucky family to live in your abode. Would love to get more info about the pros and cons of the place and any other relevant details before we pack out. Since you quit working and I only had your work address, would you mind writing to me at
Thanks much,

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