Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend in Amman

We kicked off the holiday on Friday, with a bunch of baseball games at the Dirt Pit. Because nothing says Holy Friday like baseball!

Oh, and then we went home to color eggs. But for some reason we got the bright idea to make it more complicated by hollowing out the eggs and filling them with jellybeans. That way they'd last (maybe) until their dad gets home for a visit in a week or so.

So it took awhile.

Then we went to STJ's house for dinner, because who can make their own dinner after a day spent hollowing out eggs?

They actually turned out sort of pretty - especially considering I'd forgotten to order egg dye and was down to the last few drops of the last three colors in my food coloring kit.

Then Reda the boab, who is of course a devout Muslim, stopped by with some flowers from the garden, to wish us a happy Easter. I love that non-Christians in Amman track our holidays and wish us well on our celebrations.

The next day was Saturday - the day of the much-anticipated Easter Egg Hunt at the Embassy. I think it might be harder to organize the egg hunt than a POTUS visit, given the sheer number of kids involved. Mrs. Cantaloupe, Annie K and Mrs. Globehopper somehow pulled it off, though, and my kids had a great time.

Well, sort of. Ainsley was crushed when one of her plastic eggs turned out to be empty. Turns out she's not exactly a "glass half full" personality. And Kyra was equally crushed when she failed to catch her limit of 10 eggs - some of the other kids grabbed more than their share, so my kids came up a bit empty. I tried - and failed - to convince her that the excitement is mostly in the hunt.

The day dawned bright and - oh, wait. Actually we walked outside into the biggest dust storm of the season. It was gritty and nasty and blowy andLOOKABUNNY! MOMMYMOMMY LOOOOOK!!!

We hung out at the Embassy all day long, swimming and playing and searching for the Golden Egg, which apparently went unfound, despite the best efforts of about 300 kids.

Then home to get ready for the main event. No, I'm not talking about church here. I think my littlest ones were far more preoccupied with arrival of the Easter Bunny.

Every year he leaves a jelly bean trail from their bedroom doors all the way to wherever he's hidden their baskets.

The big question in my mind was: with Bart in Baghdad, could I handle the jelly bean trail all by myself?

Turns out, I had some trouble with this oh-so-important task.

With no other adult around to corral the dog, I had some trouble keeping him away from the trail. And then, as I was trying to quietly place the beans outside the girls' bedroom while simultaneously shooing the dog away with my foot, I dropped a few beans, which went skittering down the hallway. I heard Kyra sit up in bed and ask "what's going on out there?" 

So I fled the scene, jellybeans still rolling around in the hallway.

Whatever - it looks nice enough in this semi-artsy photo, don't you think?

The kids were happy with their loot. They ignored the lovingly prepared breakfast of bran muffins and grapefruit, opting instead to gorge themselves on dark chocolate coconut eggs right up until it was time to go to church.

The Easter Bunny even remembered to bring something for the dog! Okay, not true: but STJ just happened to drop off a bag of rawhide bones. So it all worked out in the end.

Church itself was uneventful, except for the first 2 minutes. We somehow chose the only row in which the heavy wooden kneeler wasn't bolted down; within mere moments of arriving, we managed to dislodge the entire kneeler, which came crashing down with the full force of the Lord himself, right on my big toe.

I did not take the name of the Lord in vain.

Not out loud anyway.

But tears may have been shed. And I'm not 100% sure that all of my bones are still intact. Because ouch.  So prayers, people - pray for my poor sad swollen toe. Hopefully all I need is some bed rest and a couple more dark chocolate coconut eggs....

That's pretty much it. It was a low-key holiday, but the kids seemed to enjoy it. Back to work for me tomorrow.

Happy Easter to you all from Amman - our last major UT holiday without Bart.


Popster said... [Reply]

Happy Easter to all and to all a god night.


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Happy Easter! <3

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Happy Easter!

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