Saturday, March 1, 2014


My first very first baby turned 14 last week. Fourteen! 

Here he is at just five weeks old, en route to Moscow:
And in Moscow, at the Ambassador's Christmas party. (Aside: apparently I was fourteen years younger then, too.)
(As was Bart):
In Kazakhstan:
In Vienna, Virginia. He was five:
With the Jedi Jugglers in Beijing. 4th grade?:
In Hong Kong.
Running the Dead to Red in the 5th grade:
In Jerash, Jordan:
This week, with his dad, at home in Jordan:
Celebrating the big day with friends (oh, and happy birthday to you too, Scott!):
It looks like I'm still taller in this photo. But we just went to the nurse and demanded that they measure us. He's an inch taller than me, officially.

Fourteen. I'm so proud of him. So amazed at the man he is turning into. He's smart, articulate, stubborn, athletic, creative and funny. 

Fourteen. But still - always! - my baby.

I love you Seamus.


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