Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No time

So much to write, no time to write it!

I've been horribly remiss in updating you, I know. But I've set some personal goals for myself that have nothing to do with blogging, and I find I need to focus on those for the next few months if I'm going to get where I plan to go. When I divide my time between work, family, gym, cooking, new personal goals and every other little thing I need to accomplish to move my family forward, I find there is little time left over to blog, and I'm simply not willing to give up my pillow.

Oh, and did I mention I'm also at the beginning of pack out season? Sure, we don't leave here until June. But I have to apply for the new school in Russia - no small task with four kids who need separate applications, including shot records, teacher recommendations, 3-5 years of school records, passport copies, etc. And I have to start planning summer home leave: where to go? and when? and how to pay for the trip? Then there's the small matter of coming up with a plan for shipping the dog and cat to the next post, and robbing a bank to pay for it. And the search for a new job at the new post, which means writing a new resume. And, oh, that's right, we still don't have visas for our next post, so all of this effort could be for naught anyway!

All this to say: it might be a bit quiet around here over the next couple of months. But I am taking two weeks off when Bart comes back for his much-needed R&R (soon!), so perhaps I can stuff some blog time in there. Or, maybe I'll just do the taxes while he entertains the kids.

Time is a precious commodity for any mother. But a work-full-time, husband-in-Baghdad, moving-to-a-new-country, took-on-a-crazy-new-year's-resolution mother is just a pathetic sight to see.

Wish me luck! Back soon, I promise, with all sorts of fun stories and news.

And hey, to those of you who found me through my last for some reason viral blog post, welcome, and stick around! I'm usually much more talkative than this. Ask anybody!


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