Saturday, February 8, 2014

Guest blog, just to make his daddy cry.

Reprinted with permission, straight from his Language Arts homework. I love this kid.

This I Believe

Greetings. My name is Seamus. Microsoft Word will tell you it’s spelled wrong but I promise it’s not. My life started February 27, 2000 in Los Angeles, California. My life has been one filled with, well, a little bit of a lot of things. There is probably a better way to say that, but that has a nice ring to it. Shortly after being born, my helpless little baby self was quickly taken to Russia. I enjoyed it, I think, but I don’t remember much of anything about it. Once I could speak it was Russian, and some English. I learned them at the same time, now I can’t speak it. I never have gotten much time to learn a language, this is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place. However it still feels new, a new experience, why? Because instead of having a brother, two sisters, a Mom and Dad all under the same roof, one is missing. My Dad is in Baghdad until the end of this school year. Without him my house feels different, my head feels different, and my heart feels different. Each one missing a piece, but I’m making the most out of this and trying to make better my skills of being independent, something that I will greatly need in the coming years. Now from that you probably got that my family means a lot to me, and they do. Let me describe them. My mom loves to cook - without her I doubt I would have the healthy eating habits and the interest in cooking I have today. My dad, well he’s my dad, he encourages me to take on sports wherever and whenever I can, he takes me to the movies, and church, which isn’t nearly as enjoyable. My brother is in the 5th grade, I love him, I help him, I fight with him, but hey we're brothers. My younger-older sister, you know I never know how to say that. She is in the 2nd grade, she’s a “singer” and loud and proud about it, especially after watching Frozen. My youngest sister Ainsley is in kindergarten annnnd she’s kind of a drama queen, and I quote “I WANT A SAMITCH!!” All those have influenced me. Peace and quiet, I appreciate it much more because of them, but get it much less. Because of my lifestyle I travel much more, and I appreciate family much more. My nature is to adapt to the people I’m around, whilst nurture has taught me to respect other cultures and beliefs. Education and the opportunities I’ve received I’ve learned to appreciate as well. What else has nurture done for me? I celebrate Christmas, Easter, Christian holidays, nothing special. On Christmas we make coffee cake. Why? Not sure why, but without it it just doesn’t feel quite right.  A person is shaped by their experiences - I’m still molding but I have stories to tell. My dad is in Baghdad for a year, and over this year my family has come closer together. We miss our dad, and when he comes back every once in awhile we are so happy. Because my dad is here sometimes and sometimes isn’t, I act differently. When I’m with friends, I'm more talkative, and joke around. With my parents I talk about recent events and school, depending on the family member and my current relationship with them, the talks also vary. When in a new culture I try to accept and learn their beliefs. All these build a person, they tell a story of a person. My future self, a story yet to be told, unpredictable. I can say what I want, but it isn’t true. At the end of the day all I can do is use my past self to better my current self and future self.


Popster said... [Reply]

If his Dad cries over this blog, it will be a cry for happy. Most dad's that I know would give their right arm to get this kind of respect.

carrie said... [Reply]

What a wonderfully thoughtful and articulate young man you have! Great post!

Deborah said... [Reply]

Love this! Yay Seamus!

Please. Write your own stuff.