Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I don't even know where to start.

"You know," he said, "if you keep up this pace, you'll set a record by the end of the year."

I will? Do tell!

"Yes. A record for the least blog posts ever since you started your blog."

Oh. That. Yes, well...

I love that my husband encourages me to blog, even though it still isn't a widely accepted activity in the Department. They're getting there, slowly slowly. But not yet.

Still, he reminds me to do it more often, and he's right. I love blogging. I love having a record of my days, even if it's not, technically speaking, complete, because the open nature of onlineyness makes me nervous sometimes. (Look it up. It's a word.)

But the thing is, I'm kind of busy right now.

I already told you we went to Tel Aviv for a long weekend.

When we came back, we packed Seamus up and sent him off to Singapore for a Model United Nations conference. It's tough to be an international school kid, no? He had to learn to tie a tie.

While Seamus was gone, Bart played a lot of baseball with the other kids. It'll be Kyra's first season, so she needs to study up. It's also the start of after school activities at school, and the kids needed Bart to go check on some of their classes. Aidan is enrolled in soccer and ping pong. Ainsley has gymnastics, tae kwon do and cooking club.  Kyra is in basketball, soccer and gymnastics. (And yes, she did wear jeans over a dress under a sweater for gymnastics. No idea why.)

Oh, and Seamus made the JV track team.

(This is starting to read like one of those braggy Christmas letters, isn't it? Sorry! But I told you - we've been busy.)

I farmed the kids out to neighbors (thanks Cantaloupe and Paleo families!) so I could take Bart to the Dead Sea to celebrate his birthday. He missed his last birthday because he was in DC training for his Iraq assignment. That, coupled with the fact that this is a "big" birthday, meant we needed to do it up in style. We got massages, sat by the pool, hung out in the spa... I don't know if he liked his birthday, but I sure did.

His actual birthday was yesterday. I made his favorite dinner, along with brownie ice cream sundaes with homemade frozen yogurt, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and blueberry sauce because apparently I tend to overdo things when it comes to food-related celebrations. Who knew?

Seamus had only just arrived home from Singapore; he managed to stay awake for some birthday photos but then staggered off to bed with no dessert at all.

What else? Bart spent part of a day reading in Kyra's classroom his first day in town; he read to Ainsley's class yesterday.

We've also been to the gym, the doctor, the dentist, the coffee shop, the movie theater, the mall, the...

Never mind. I need a nap.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tel Aviv

He arrived on Thursday morning. On Friday, we packed up and headed to Tel Aviv. So much to say, but frankly, it's past my bedtime. Suffice to say, it was a nice little trip, with beaches and good food and lots of wandering around, just spending time catching up as a family.

Back in Amman now, with kids back in school and life moving forward.

More from me later; for now, enjoy the photos. Sorry - I tried to caption them, but blogger on an iPad is about as worthless as, well, as my waste-of-space, doesn't-connect-to-the-Internet iMac. So you'll just have to guess what you're looking at, mostly.

Seashell hunting.

The view from our hotel room...

As the bloggess says, "a hug is just a strangle you haven't finished yet." They look awfully cute, don't they? Yet they pretty much fought their way across Israel.

Walk under the arch and get your wish, we were told. Ainsley wished to be "a beautiful Barbie princess." Not gonna tell you what I wished for...

Hummus from Abu Hassan, I think it's called. Really worth the search.
I tried to snap some shots along the border, but I don't think you get the full effect of what a moonscape it truly is - partly because it was pouring as we drove through, so it wasn't quite as white and dusty as usual.

"Military Zone No Entry." Also, the yellow sign warned that there may be a few landmines scattered about. I guess they really don't want you going down that road. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Together Again

He's back for his second R&R - we haven't seen him since Thanksgiving. The kids were thrilled, of course, when he showed up at school, but within minutes they settled back into the fact that he was here, and life resumed as normal, with squabbles and requests for sleepovers and way too much ice cream. Okay, so that last one wasn't normal - I'd promised them we'd take daddy for ice cream when he got back, and they sensed weakness, asking his permission to order double scoops with sprinkles and milkshakes and other over-the-top things. Of course he couldn't say no.

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