Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You know you're tired when....

I sat there in the dentist's chair, mouth open wide as she poked and prodded with her stabby little instruments and her drill and her water spray thingee, but instead of clenching my fists in terror, I dozed off a bit. In the dentist's chair! That's pretty pathetic.

Damn. Apparently I'm tired.

But this week is the perfect storm of single-mom-hell. We have a big visit coming up in a few days, and I am the control officer, which means I have to work long hours in the hopes that it'll go off without a hitch. Add in the dentist, where I've been in the process of finishing up a root canal and a crown (My first crown! Welcome to middle age, Donna!) Oh, and did I mention that I have a terrible cold that seems to have turned into a sinus infection?

So of course I'm falling asleep in random places like the dentist's chair. And, also of course, I'm waking up in the middle of the night thinking of everything I've left undone.

The uber-amazing Trixie saw me dragging my sorry carcass around the embassy, hacking and sniffling and generally acting miserable, and the next thing you know, she showed up on my doorstep last night with dinner for the whole family. Don't you wish you had a friend like Trixie?

Hands off, people. Trixie's mine.


stsomewhere said... [Reply]

First time commenting! My grandmother always sleeps through her dental work - even without anesthesia.

Donna said... [Reply]

Great. It's bad enough I was feeling old coz I got a crown. Now you're telling me I'm just like your grandma??? Sigh. It's all downhill from here, isn't it?

Becca said... [Reply]

A friend of mine is a pool camera man for Canadian TV. He is posting photos of Amman today on FB and I feel like saying, Say hi to Donna for me!!

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