Friday, January 3, 2014

Ups and Downs

There was a point last week when I picked up my purse and walked right out of my office, determined never to return. But then I stood in the hallway and talked myself out of doing anything so drastic. I mean, what am I going to do with myself if I'm not working? And anyway, I actually like my job a lot about 75% of the time - not a bad average. Then, too, I work with some seriously smart and funny people.

So I went back to my desk and carried on.

But DAMN. This single-working-mom thing is not easy, is it? The kids are still on winter break - no school til next week. I am trying to juggle their needs with work needs with my own not-small wishes.

The people I work with have, for the most part, been remarkably tolerant of my coming-and-going, as long as I still get my work done. But we have a big visitor coming to town soon (watch the news!), so everyone is all spun up, trying to prepare.

Today is Friday, a weekend day in Amman, but I had to go to work anyway. Went in early, hauled through it, then ran to the store. Home again to cook with my new supplies, only to discover - the stove is broken. I thought we were just out of gas, but no - there's gas, it just won't light up.

So I stashed the chicken in the freezer and put everything else away for another day. I can't get anyone to come fix the stove until Sunday. I guess it'll be a busy weekend for both the microwave and the delivery guy.

I sat down to do some writing instead of cooking - my other form of therapy.

And then I got called back to work.

Not the best day I could've envisioned.

Oh, but friends took pity on me. They must've sensed the dark clouds of despair rolling out of my cell phone. STJ took one kid to the movies, and Paleo took two kids for a sleepover. So for now it's just me and Ainsley, she in her pjs already, jumping on the bed, and me sitting next to her, typing away.

Tomorrow will be another crazy weekend day, with plans to work and get a root canal and work some more. Still no stove. Still no school. Still no time to take the dog to the vet or the girls to the hairdresser.

But its not all bad! Last night I went to a fun-and-funny birthday party (Happy birthday Paleo!), another of those raucous affairs where the jokes are flying and the wine is flowing and the bacon wrapped appetizers are on every table - a real Paleo-style party. There was a gift exchange game, so everyone went home with something funny or cool. And some of the funny ones were rib-snapping funny.

Between all the work and all the fun of the past 48 hours, I think I'm ready for a nap.


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