Monday, January 13, 2014


This is my 800th post. And so I know I am required to say something profound, or witty, or profoundly witty. Because this is a Milestone Post.

But the thing is, and you've heard me say this before: I've got nothing.

There are times when I have so many things to blog about! So very, very many Important Things!

(This is not one of those times.)

It's been a bad few weeks. A bad month, if you must know. A lot of things hit me all at once, from all directions - work, personal, past and future. I was... overwhelmed. The holiday season is not the time when you want to be single-momming it, especially if you've neglected to request any leave from work and you have four kids at home, none of whom have any friends around because their friends' parents all thought to request leave and book flights and get the heck out of here.

So it was a long month, and I'm glad it's over. I take solace in the fact that my hilariously inappropriate friend Kate just went through her own long holiday of singleness over there in South America, where she apparently gave her kids nothing but duct tape for Christmas. And it all worked out in the end. Really, we need to get posted together some day, Kate and I. I suppose the families can come with us too, if they want to.

Anyway. In lieu of offering you any Big New Insights into life in the foreign service, or life in general, let me just say this: I'm glad I have a blog. Because through my blog I met Kate and Jill and Kolbi and Jen and Zoe and so many other people who travel these UT and DS paths with me. And even now it makes me smile when someone I know in real life tells me they read my blog. Just this week, my husband told me that a couple stopped him in the hallway in Baghdad to tell him they like reading my blog. Weird. But good weird, as you bloggers out there will know. I'm a few readers away from half a million page views. That's no Popehat; certainly it's no Bloggess. Not Diplopundit, either. But still. It seems crazy.

It would be nice some day if I could go back and add in my pre-blog "posts" from Moscow, Yerevan and Almaty. So many un-blogged adventures I had! I have them all saved up somewhere (inshallah), in email form, so maybe some day I'll add them in here somehow.

Meanwhile, if you're interested, you can click through the links to some of my previous Milestone Posts. I can't promise they're profound. Or witty. But, you know, for today, just maybe they're enough.

Post #1, written from Vienna, Virginia.

Post #100. (Okay,100-ish - it's one off from 100, but the 100th was simply a link to an article I wrote, so it doesn't count. This one introduces Ainsley, born in Beijing.)

Post #200. This one is boring. Nothing but bloody toes and Chinese iPhones. Don't bother.

Post #300. In which Shay does some interesting things with toilet plungers. Also in China.

Post #400. Remembering my life as a (younger) mother, new to Amman.

Post #500. Our first trip to Jerusalem.

Post #600. Our adventures in Arabic school.

Post #700. This is a post looking back at our old post, Kazakhstan. How very meta of me.

If all goes according to plan (ha!), Post #900 is likely to be written from Moscow, some time next winter. Time will tell. Stick around, would you?


Popster said... [Reply]

I'll stick around. I would miss your blog and don't know what I'd do without it.

A said... [Reply]

fingers crossed!

Kate said... [Reply]

Hey, the duct tape had PATTERNS on it. Sheesh.

Karen P. Attman said... [Reply]

I've read in a lot of blogs how tough this last month was for people...but now it's a new month, a new year, new adventures!

Please. Write your own stuff.