Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Flashbacks

The kids, as I predicted, are all home sick. I have not much to do except sit around pouring juice and making tea and clucking sympathetically as they hack and wheeze and vomit. Such is the glamorous life of a mom, I guess. I just finished my book yesterday (Drop Dead Healthy, if you must know, and I highly recommend it), and I'm not in the mood to start a new one. So instead, I'm looking back through the archives at my old Christmas posts, trying to find some holiday cheer somewhere in the depths of my tiny, Scrooge-like heart.

I didn't have a blog way back in the early 2000's, but this article of mine was published in the Washington Post, about Christmas in Kazakhstan, way back then. I still sort of like it.

I started my blog in 2007, when we were getting ready to move to our fourth overseas post. In 2007, we celebrated our first Christmas in Beijing. No photos of me, probably because I was feeling fat and pregnant, and we hadn't yet told anyone but family that we were with child.

In 2008, we celebrated Christmas in warm, sunny Thailand. One of my favorite Christmases ever. You can tell it was awesome because I blogged more than once about it. And then I went and wrote a Christmas article, too. Damn. I was such an overachiever back in the day.

In 2009, how did I manage to NOT post any Christmas pictures? I am a terrible mom and a worse blogger. Shame on me. But I did post this story, about shopping for Christmas presents locally, in Beijing. Almost made me miss the place.

2010! Our first Christmas in the middle east!

2011, and Bart's family came to visit for the holidays. We went to Jerusalem and Bethlehem with the Gormans across the border. But once again, I posted no pictures. What is my problem? Here I am, wanting to do the trip-down-memory-lane thing, and I can't even do that right.

2012 was another picture posting year. Apparently I can only be bothered to post photos on a bi-annual basis.

But here's something good in flashbacks! My dad just sent me this picture this morning. It's me and my mom, when I first came home from the hospital, all those years ago. And thank the lord there were no blogs back then. I shudder to think of the stories my parents could have told.

I hear someone vomiting; gotta run!


Nana Doll said... [Reply]

I would tell them that I am blessed to have you for my daughter!

Please. Write your own stuff.