Friday, December 20, 2013

Birthday, continued...

Unless you're either A.) my husband, B.) the grandparents, or C.) fascinated by photos of middle-aged women wearing no make-up at all, this post will be of no interest to you whatsoever.

So, yeah, birthday. I got a facial today, and Mimi the awesome spa lady didn't even charge me when she found out it was my birthday. Took Shay shopping, brought the girls to a fancy tea party, ordered sushi. Cupcakes from Sugar Daddy's, and Paleo dropped off some ice cream from Gerard's.

All in all: a good day.

I got to thinking: 5 years ago, I celebrated my birthday in Thailand. 10 years ago, in Kazakhstan. 15 years ago, I was in Long Beach. 20 years ago, I was in grad school in Los Angeles, but I think I may have celebrated my birthday at Bart's parents' house in New York. Can that be right? I can't remember that far back: getting old sucks. Wonder where I'll be 5 and 10 years hence.

That's it; I'm exhausted! Jordan finally went to winter time last night, so we all switched our clocks back an hour, and it's given me a touch of jet lag. Or maybe it's old age setting in, who knows? In either case, I'm off to bed.

Enjoy the photos, A, B and C!


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