Friday, November 1, 2013

When it Rains, it Pours

I know, right? I'm getting to be a bit much with the dumb weather references in my titles. In this case, the title is simultaneously metaphorical and non-metaphorical.

I spent much of the day with the GlobeHoppers, who graciously agreed to take me computer shopping after my eldest dropped his computer and broke it at school. In case you are wondering, he dropped it from a height not greater than his waist, while walking to get his computer case, which would of course protect it in the case of an accidental drop, if he were using it. Which he wasn't. But "I'm really, really sorry mom." So there's that.

Mr. GlobeHopper is - and how does one say this politely? - sort of a computer nerd. A computer nerd who takes his commitment to American Citizen Services seriously. So when he volunteered to spend his Friday morning helping this American citizen find a cheap but good replacement computer, I hopped right on that offer before he could remember that he'd really rather be sleeping in on a Friday morning. 

We tracked down some options and then decided to compare them with amazon choices in the afternoon. But first: coffee. So the GlobeHoppers and I whiled away a pleasant morning drinking coffee and talking about practically everything we could think of, from kids to schools to work to computers and back again.

Then we went back to my house, where Mr. GH took a look at my troublesome iMac and pronounced it dead. (Worst computer ever - like an evil puppy, it hasn't liked me since the day I brought it home.) So now I'm apparently in the market for two computers. But okay. I go on my iPad to order the computer he recommended on amazon, but amazon turns me down cold. Not to the pouch, not to the DPO. They won't ship me a computer. Why must you be this way, amazon? I am quite possibly your best customer ever, and yet you reject me in my hour of need.

Okay. I turn instead to the effort to back up the photos and writing on my iMac onto an external hard drive, so I can take the iMac out back and shoot it. But it senses what I'm planning and refuses to allow the transfer of data. Not only that but it throws some random empty folders into iPhoto, just to spite me. 

I sigh in frustration and look out the window, only to notice - it's starting to sprinkle. I remember I have kids to pick up and kids to drop off so I give up on the computer and load a few random kids in my car to start my rounds. By the time I reach my destination, just two minutes up the road, the rain is dropping in sheets. There is thunder. There is lightning. There is hail. I am sure my iMac has summoned this weather in a effort to kill me. 

Kids jump out; kids jump in. I drive on. I've been in the car for all of ten minutes but the road is already flooded. Like, is that river too deep to drive through? flooded. The hail is smashing down when I hit the traffic circle, and the car spins wildly as I try to make it around. I make it home safely, but I still have to back into my driveway, and the sidewalk is so covered in ice that it takes several tries to back in.

Seriously. This was the craziest storm ever. It is now six hours later and the back yard is still covered in ice pellets - this despite the fact that the outside temperature is in the high 50s/low 60s. I guess it hasn't melted because there is just so much of it piled up.

Oh, and the back of the house flooded, as it does whenever it rains.

To recap: Shay's computer is dead. My computer is possessed. My house is flooded and my yard is covered in ice. But on the plus side, I got to spend the better part of the day with the lovely GlobeHoppers. All in all, I'd have to pronounce this day a win.


Popster said... [Reply]

I told you...You shoulda had a V8

Sharon said... [Reply]

Saying "It's not your luckiest day" would be an understatement, I think. Sorry to hear about the mac, the flooding, and the possesed pc. I hope you've found a replacement for the broken one, and "exorcised" the evil spirits in your own. As for the flooding, that would be a constant issue, unless you move (which is costly in terms of effort and money) or install an undergound water cachement system in your lawn that would prevent flooding in your lot. I hope this year you wouldn't have as much problems as you had last year. Good luck!

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