Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leaving Already?

I went down to the mail room today to ship out the visa application for our next post. "We will miss the whole Gorman family," the mail room clerk said to me, slowly shaking his head.

We're not leaving for 7 months!  Theoretically, that's far away.

Except when it's not.

It is far away in terms of how long we have to wait until our Baghdad tour is over and done.

But it is soon - too soon, really, when it comes to the goodbyes that are just around the corner. And I am very, very bad at goodbyes. We'll meet up in DC, people say. We'll write, we'll call, we'll Skype, they sayBut it won't be the same.

Shipping that visa packet out today - well, it needed to be done. But it set me on that goodbye path somehow, and made it feel really real that we'll be leaving this place, and these friends, forever.

I'm not ready. I'm never ready.

But okay. I am ready to find out whether we'll get a visa to our next hypothetical post. If not, it's on to Plan B, whatever that is.

Even the monotony of mailing an envelope is somehow made stranger in the FS.


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