Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween: Or, The Day My Baby Lost Her Everlasting Mind...

I think you'll agree, after seeing the photos below, that mermaid Ainsley was just the teensiest bit excited about trick-or-treating at the Embassy. I have photo after photo of her, each crazier than the next.

After we finished trick-or-treating, we went to dinner. She fell asleep in my lap at 8pm, exhausted from all of the excitement.

And we get to do it all over again tomorrow at the school.

Meanwhile, Kyra was her own crazy bundle of excitement. She didn't know what she wanted to be until 10 minutes before it was time to leave. Then she threw on a witch costume, sat still while I put REAL makeup on her eyelids, and pronounced herself a "scary vampire witch." 

We started trick-or-treat on the non-scary south side of the Embassy before moving to the oh-so-scary north side. She wasn't scared at all. Seriously. Some guy jumped out from a dark corner and screeched at her - she waved cheerily and said "Hi! Happy Halloween!!!" We went in the "haunted kitchen," where volunteers were slicing up arms and stirring nasty pots full of cockroaches. One of them held out a pan of bloody bugs and asked if she wanted some. "No, thank you," she said politely and waved goodbye. She tapped the giant ghost on the shoulder and wished him a Happy Halloween.

Next up was the Marines' Haunted House, and she really wanted to go in because, as she said, "Halloween is supposed to be about getting scared!!!" I really didn't want her to go in because, as I wanted to say, the other 364 days a year are supposed to be about you not having nightmares and crawling in my bed.

But we went in, she and I, while STJ watched Ainsley outside, and it was both dark and scary. At least, I thought it was dark and scary. She wasn't scared at all. She held my hand, but she stayed in front of me, dragging me forward in the dark. Every time she saw or heard something scary, she announced loudly "well, that wasn't scary at all!" 

This is my daughter who has nightmares every second night. Not. Scared. At. All.

I don't understand my kids. I really don't. 


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