Monday, August 5, 2013

Up on Our Mountaintop

If you follow the news, then you know that our Embassy in Amman is one of several - many, actually - that closed for the week due to a serious threat against us. Your tax dollars are still hard at work, though, no worries, as everyone at every closed Embassy is working from home as needed.

There are always threats against our Embassies. This one made the news because of the scale of the threat. Usually you don't read about the threats or the actions taken to protect our personnel. Heck, I usually don't hear about it, and I live and work in the middle east.

Anyway. That's not what I'm writing about today.

I'm not even in Amman today.

I am high on a mountaintop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As I type, the sun is about to set behind the mountains. I'm sitting on a wide tiled porch, looking down at the water far below. A strong breeze has kicked up, knocking through the bougainvillea and palms. It looks like California to me. The water, the wind, the trees - all of it combines to make me feel curiously homesick.

This is odd. Because actually, I'm not here alone. I am here with my sister and her daughter; with my brother, his wife and their two kids; with my parents and of course with my four kids. We're only missing Bart.

It's a slightly belated 50th anniversary gift to my parents, this family reunion on the Mediterranean. We are eating too much, drinking too much and laughing too much. We are swimming and reading and cleaning off skinned-kneed kids - all marks of a holiday well spent.

It is all quite lovely, up here on our mountain.


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