Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dear Diary...

Well, I'm having all sorts of big adventures over here on my Mediterranean mountaintop, and yet I'm still having trouble blogging.

Problem is, I'm really not a fan of "Dear Diary" style blogs. You know: today I went here, then I did this, after which we... and so on. But it takes me awhile to process the things I'm seeing and doing. My writing brain lags far behind my eyes most days. And so I struggle, wanting to tell you what I'm doing, but not wanting to get all dear diary on you.

That said.

This morning my sister and I spent some time running up hills, lunging and squatting and generally acting like crazy workout freaks. Because we are crazy workout freaks, sort of. We both like working out, and we both like eating every last thing Spain has to offer (to say nothing of the sangria and piƱa coladas), so we are spending our mornings working out before turning our afternoon efforts to consuming vast piles of paella.

We are moving an army of kids from place to place to place (okay, admittedly more than 50% of the kids are mine, but still...). There are 6 adults and 7 kids, all needing to be fed and clothed and entertained, which means that at times it feels as though we are moving from breakfast to cleanup and immediately on to lunch prep before heading into dinner.

But this is okay, because my brother and my sis-in-law are both fabulous cooks who don't seem to mind cooking scrambled eggs and bacon for 13, or barbecuing enough chicken kebabs for everyone. Which means I have been relegated to the lowly role of sous chef, and that's not such a bad place to be. I can chop carrots and slice tomatoes with just half of a functioning brain, which works out perfectly if I start on the sangria at 5pm. Not, you know, that I'd do anything that crazy. But you know: if I were to decide to start drinking before five, well, I guess it would work out okay.

The cousins are all having fun swimming and playing and bickering. Ainsley is driving everyone crazy with her 5-year-old antics. But she's cute, so we all forgive her, eventually.

And that is the story of us, today, as much as I can tell it. I'll be back soon with more, dear diary of mine! For now, though, there is sangria and chocolate in the fridge. Gotta run...


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