Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Write to Remember

I've been sitting here trying to think of something to write, but it's difficult because I am running-in-circles busy, which actually makes for boring writing. Breakfast work lunch work gym dinner read books brush teeth bed.



Tonight, I talked to Bart for awhile (he sends you his regards, by the way), and he was encouraging me to write something. Anything. Blog, book, letter, whatever. He knows it keeps me sane.

But I had nothing.

So we said good night and I went to bed.

Right then, an idea hit me. But I'm so tired - I didn't want to write it down. Instead, I reached for the writer's notebook that I keep by my bed, so I could quickly jot down the thought.

But I grabbed the wrong notebook. For some reason, there was an old notebook on top, with only a few pages left in it. I pulled it out and opened it up. There, on the very back page, was an old to-do list that I'd scribbled in our early days in China. "Kyra- well baby check up; maintenance - fix dryer; money to Dev; email Jasmine (who's Jasmine? I don't remember); finish preschool article..."

Weird. Now I can't sleep. I'm thinking about China, remembering the little office where I used to work, the kitchen with the grey-green counter tops, the sun room where the kids played, the never-locked front door, the garage, where the ceiling once sprung a leak and fell on my head while I was folding laundry. Peggy. Jen. Mary. Shawna. The dirt park. Jenny Lou's. Le Spa. The guard with the bathroom issues. The san lu che bicycles. The street vendor with the stuffed pancakes. Stealth mode in Starbucks. Snot rockets. Mosquitos. "Your house... is on fi-ah." The green river and Louma Lake. Walking on the Great Wall. Going deaf. Meeting Ainsley.

Did all of that really happen just a few years ago? How everything has changed since I wrote that one short boring list.


Please. Write your own stuff.