Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pearl Strikes Again

I was walking back from lunch today when I spotted my kids walking into the auditorium with their summer camp counselors. I gave each one a hug, and I introduced them in turn to a couple of coworkers who were with me.

Lema bent down to give Ainsley a hug - everyone always wants to hug my Ainsley. Ainsley hugged her back and then stared, awestruck it seemed, at Lema's long curly black hair, bright lipstick and ropes of bracelets.

Finally Ainsley managed to whisper "I like your bracelets." Lema immediately took one off of her own arm and put it on Ainsley's arm. Ainsley looked from Lema to the bracelet in reverent silence.

"What do we say, Ainsley?" I prompted her.

She looked Lema straight in the eye and said "Can I have the pink one, too?"

That's my girl.


Popster said... [Reply]

Sounds like she's headed for a career as either a fundraiser for a non-profit or a hedge fund investment manager.

Please. Write your own stuff.