Friday, July 12, 2013

Boot Camp Graduation

Our awesome Marines did it again. They organized a one-week Boot Camp for the older summer campers, and my kids loved it. I loved it, too: every night, they came home exhausted and fell asleep extra early - not, of course, before demonstrating push-ups and sit-ups, Marine Corps style.

We really have a great group of Marines here. One in particular, seen below giving my kids their certificates for completing Boot Camp, has been a godsend. He apparently loves kids, and lets mine follow him around everywhere. Once, when Aidan admired his goalie gloves while they were playing soccer, he said he might have an extra pair back at the Marine House. He showed up the next day with a brand new pair of gloves - I'm pretty sure he bought them for Aidan out of his own meager salary. Just last weekend, he spent a good two hours at the pool, teaching my kids to snorkel, for no other reason than that they asked him to. People like that are rare, indeed, but I find angels everywhere here at post. He has succeeded in distracting my kids from missing their daddy whenever he's around, and for that I'll always be grateful.


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